From Grease to Pink Ladies: 50s style strikes again

From Grease to Pink Ladies: 50s style strikes again

The 45th anniversary of “Grease”, one of the most legendary musicals ever, brings back the 50s style! Source of inspiration for entire generations between the 70s and 80s, the characters of the musical and their main actors, John Travolta and Oliva Newton-John, have become true style icons.

In order to make this anniversary special, the TV series Pink Ladies has been released on Paramount+. It is an episodic prequel based on the beginnings of the group of rebellious girls who star in the original musical, in a riot of bright colors and dreamy costumes. 

The series aims not only to celebrate the great success of the musical, but also to introduce it to the younger generation.

Grease represents a cultural and generational phenomenon, with its outfits and hairstyles it has also influenced the fashion system: it is impossible not to think of leather jackets and tight black spandex trousers. 

Sabor celebrates this anniversary and also includes the license of Grease as well as Pink Ladies in its portfolio.