At Christmas it is traditional to treat oneself to a Christmas jumper or pyjamas to celebrate with friends or to dress up the whole family.

The product takes on a new strength by replacing the traditional reindeer and snowmen with Mickey Mouse or Snoopy.

It is no longer just a gift item or a witty jumper, but it is like giving a story within a story. 

Combining the storytelling of each brand with the Christmas spirit gives the product an emotional character, just like Christmas.

Sabor’s homewear encapsulates these values together with Minnie and Mickey Mouse, the most irreverent girl in comics, Mafalda, Snoopy, Spider-Man and other characters.

The line reflects current trends and styles, with original graphics inspired by the classic Christmas colours red and gold and the shades of tartan patterns.

The new collection enhances the Christmas spirit and the value of being together in a magical way, dressing both adults and children in the same prints and fabrics. Our keywords are inclusion, love and creativity, which are expressed through dozens of graphic proposals that are always up-to-date and ready to be presented on the shelf